How we work

Fake It Consultation

The purpose of a consultation is to customise the service, to suit your needs.
All new clients we ask to book an extra 15 minute so we can go through a complete consultation.

Client Profile – Lifestyle, Hobbies, Children, Activities, Job.
Hand & Nails – Skin type, Cuticles, Length, Shape, Condition.
Medical History – Diabetic, Hypersensitive, Contact Lenses, Allergies.
Contra- Indications – Can the service required be carried out?
Client Expectations – Nail Length, Shape, Finish, System.
Aftercare Treatment Plan – Recommended products, hand creams oil. Advice.

For Hair Clients who wish colour a patch test must be done 48 hours before the appointment. Hair extensions must be colour matched to your own hair. Consultation must be booked before an appointment can be made, as a bespoke service.

Book your consultation now by calling 01753 880099.