About Us

Josie Devlin
Owner of Fake It and Director of Hair.

I've been hairdressing for over 20 years and i'm still learning. That's one of the benefits of this career, there is always a new look, technique or colour to keep you on your toes. I enjoy teaching and on Tuesday evenings I coach my Junior stylists with their Models teaching them my skills. I am still very passionate about hair. My philosophy is "you're never too old to look good". Providing you've got a good hair cut, you will always look and feel great, after all, our hair is our 'CROWNING GLORY! Hair courses are inspirational and always fun. My mentor is Charles Worthington, I think he is brilliantly creative. I've been fortunate to have met him. a few times. His techniques are innovating, sharp and refreshing.

When I first meet a new client I look at their lifestyle, face shape and colouring before I can create their style. Knowing what personality a client has also reflects their hairstyle. I still get a buzz out of my work. I enjoy the photo-shoots we do, and I particularly enjoy hair up. When asked what I prefer to do, it has to be the complete makeovers! As the Owner, my day is always full. When I am not with clients or teaching I have a wonderful family, whom I adore. My hobbies are going to the theatre (I do love a musical) eating out, taking my dog, George, out for a walk , reading and doing Sudoku.

I look forward to meeting you soon.